Tom R

We bought a home with The Morsi Group and had a great experience. No, that’s not really true. We bought a home at a reasonable price during a historically hot market in a great location with no drama with The Morsi Group. That’s closer to the truth. From start to closing, working with this team was an amazing experience and I can’t recommend them enough. That’s the summary.

Here are the details: We sold our home to Redfin and started looking for a new home. We talked to a couple of realtors who told us horror stories about the real estate market we were about to enter. We’d have to aggressively overbid on properties without an inspection and nobody would take a VA loan. Scary stuff, so we had a friend, who is a professional realtor in Arizona, interview a number of candidates for us to find the best person to guide us through this crazy market. The Ash Morsi Group was a finalist. We had a good feeling about Ash, so we went with him. Best decision ever.

We went to our first open house and fell in love, as you do. We were ready to put in a super aggressive offer, so we asked Ash to help us do that. Ash counseled patience. He told us to look at some more houses to be sure. Ash was right, and I’m so thankful that he slowed us down. That particular house ended up selling for under asking and was not nearly as nice as other homes we found later. Ash helped us relax and get into the right mindset. That felt really good.

So, we started doing tours with Alejandra. She is great! She’s easy to work with and has a great eye for detail. We saw a ton of houses and she was able to help us see things in them that we may have missed before. Then, we saw a great house that was going to go fast. We put in a bid and the team crafted a great offer. Their superpower is that they work with the selling realtor to help us get the most attractive offer in the list. We were confident that we’d win, but someone swooped in at the last minute and bid $35K more than us. While we were disappointed, we realized again that working with The Morsi Group was the right call. Why? Because whoever won that house over bid by $30K. Their super aggressive realtor just threw their client’s money at the problem instead of trying to come in with the most efficient bid. Our team respected us enough to want to do right by us instead of just winning through brute force. That’s who they are.

Then, we found the house we actually bought. We saw it the day it came on the market. Alejandra and Ash reached out to the selling realtor and got them to take it off the market for the right price. We signed the offer that night! The house actually ended up appraising for more than what we paid!

Now, we have a month until closing and we’re working with Melissa. She is so awesome! About a week before closing on the house I’m selling to Redfin, the old HOA comes in with a list of demands. Remember that The Morsi Group did not do my sale. I called Melissa and asked for her advice. Within an hour, I had a landscaper at my door and a very reasonable estimate. She took care of me when I needed help and it wasn’t even their sale. That’s who they are.

This team is amazing and made us feel protected and represented throughout the entire process. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them, but if you’ve read this far, you’ll see I tried my best. Working with The Morsi Group is one the best decisions I ever made, and you will not regret working with them too.

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